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Corporate vision:

Create the "GENERAL" brand, innovate products, develop technical service business, and be the best enterprise in the industry.

•Listen to and meet client needs, guide and exceed client needs, and win the respect of clients;

•By enhancing the company's status and brand image, employees have a high sense of corporate honor and pride, and win the respect of employees;

•Promote the healthy development of the industry, grow together with partners, and win the respect of the industry;


Corporate philosophy:

Pursue excellence and achieve the future.


 Corporate Guidelines:

•Quality: sincere service

We should regard quality as the life of the enterprise, leave more convenience to users, and continue to improve with the attitude of excellence.

•Value: integrity, pragmatism, dedication and innovation

Integrity is the foundation, pragmatism is the method, dedication is the attitude, and innovation is the driving force for our sustainable development. We hope that every one of our employees can be honest, pragmatic, hardworking, dedicated and innovative.Continuously create value to survive for a long time.

•Team: Learning, Unity, Collaboration

Create a harmonious atmosphere and promote happy work.

Respect each other and recognize each other.

Pay attention to the enterprise, pay attention to the family, pay attention to the health.


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