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Significance of wort boiling in beer brewing


The significance of wort boiling in beer brewing. Wort is the basic material for brewing beer. Before saccharification, wort needs to be boiled first. Today, I would like to introduce the significance of wort boiling first when brewing beer with beer equipment.

1. Inactivation of enzymes. To destroy the enzyme activity of malt and make it lose its function, it is mainly to stop the role of amylase, stabilize the proportion of fermentable sugar and dextrin in wort, so as to maintain the consistency of wort composition and fermentation.

2. Sterilization of wort. By boiling, all kinds of bacteria, especially lactic acid bacteria, in wort are eliminated to avoid spoilage during fermentation, so as to ensure the quality of the final product.

3. Protein denaturation and flocculation precipitation. In the boiling process, some proteins which are denatured by heat and coagulated and precipitated by combining with tannins are separated to improve the non biological stability of beer.

4. Evaporate water. Evaporate the excess water in the mixed wort to concentrate the wort to the required concentration.

5. Extraction of hop components. Hops are added in the wort boiling process to dissolve the soft resin, tannin and aromatic components contained in the hops, so as to give the wort a unique bitter taste and flavor, and improve the biological and non biological stability of beer

Major opportunities: It is expected that refined beer standards and relevant laws and regulations will be introduced this year, and the new policies will be in line with the current policies in Europe and the United States. In the future, small breweries can officially enter the market for beer filling, and the refined beer industry will usher in opportunities for healthy development!



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