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Main steps in saccharification of beer equipment


The main steps in saccharification of beer equipment. Saccharification is an indispensable key step in brewing beer. Today, I would like to introduce the main steps of saccharification in beer equipment, so that you can have a specific understanding of how to saccharify.

Wort making is commonly known as saccharification. Saccharification includes: crushing malt and grain, making wort by saccharification, filtering and separating grains and wort, adding wort, sprinkling and boiling, and cooling wort.

Saccharification refers to the further degradation of high molecular substances such as starch and protein in malt and its auxiliary materials by using the enzymes contained in malt itself The process of dissolving soluble substances in malt, such as sugar, dextrin, scum, etc. The solution thus prepared is called malt juice.

The filtered wort needs to be boiled and hops added. After wort is boiled and set Cooling must be carried out immediately to make the temperature suitable for yeast fermentation, and a certain amount of oxygen must be filled to facilitate yeast proliferation. The precipitates and hops condensed during wort boiling and cooling are removed to facilitate fermentation and improve beer quality.

Hop is an important raw material for brewing beer. Generally, hops are added in the wort manufacturing process or products of hops are used for wheat boiling. The dosage of hops is not large, but it gives beer a unique sprinkling fragrance and bitter taste, increases beer's antiseptic effect, promotes foam formation and improves foam retention.

Barley germination activates the enzymes in barley to provide various enzymes needed for wort production. Under the action of enzymes, the components in barley endosperm are decomposed to provide most effective extracts for wort production. Through the baking process, the special color, aroma and taste of malt are given, so as to meet the special requirements of beer on color and taste.

Major opportunities: It is expected that refined beer standards and relevant laws and regulations will be introduced this year, and the new policies will be in line with the current policies in Europe and the United States. In the future, small breweries can officially enter the market for beer filling, and the refined beer industry will usher in opportunities for healthy development!


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